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Tips On The Property Sales Market Using Fine Art or Print to Sell Your Home Faster

The whole real estate market is a complicated one, consisting of the house selling process. Even if you have actually been through the experience previously, things are always altering. That is why it is helpful for you to be provided crucial home offering ideas, which is what the following post is going to use.

 Use fine art to stage your home for sale. Using fine art can really increase the perception of value in a buyer’s mind. A large piece of well-placed art can make a room go from nice to “Wow, I love this room.” Making those emotional connections with a potential buyer can be key in beating out your competition from other homes on the market.

Optimizing the effect of an excellent first impression can translate into a sold indication! Many purchasers have an image in mind of their dream home and you want that dream understood the minute they lay eyes on your home or business. Buy a landscaper or improve the outside of the house yourself; however ensure everything is mowed, cut and visually pleasing at first sight.

When putting your house on the marketplace to sell, make the effort to thoroughly clean your residence. Make sure to wash the windows from the within and the outside, clean your ceiling fans and scrub every surface area on your refrigerator. Carrying out these tasks, as well as a number of other products, will offer purchasers a fantastic impression of your home.

Before selling your house think about upgrading particular components in your home to “green” your home. Making your home greener and more energy efficient will make it more attractive to potential buyers, especially the younger generation who wish to help make a positive effect on the environment.

Repaint the front door, and polish any door fixtures, and make sure that the windows are sparkling. Make sure the patio light works. Keep in mind that a potential buyer begins to form an impression prior to they even get in the home, so the entryway should look immaculate.

When selling your house, working with a Realtor is worth thinking about. Utilizing a Realtor, versus selling by yourself, provides you professional advice and viewpoints, and precise info for pricing your house. In addition, you’ll receive maximum exposure through MLS listings and advertising. This can assist you achieve a faster sale and higher selling price.

Original Fine Art and Prints for Staging

Create a sense of calm in a bedroom with muted colors, soft lighting and even the right artwork. A painting above the bed (or print), can create a nice, upscale attitude in a bedroom and also evoke a feeling of tranquility.

FREE SHIPPING ON Fine Art and Prints for Staging



1. Measure initially, search second.

It sounds remedial, but to make sure your artwork will fit above the bed, document the space’s dimensions. Even much better, make a paper design template the size of your piece of art, and see how it looks/fits in its future spot in your house.

2.  Check out item descriptions carefully.

The painting that appears about 11″ x 17″ to your eye, might truly be 3″ x 5″. If there aren’t dimensions or clear details about the item, query the art seller. You’ll wish to know if you’re buying a print vs. a painting; a reproduction vs. an original; or a garden-sized sculpture vs. a paperweight.

3. Don’t buy if the seller has a “no returns” policy.

A return policy is essential when purchasing anything online– specifically costly art. No matter exactly what the issue, the seller needs to want to take it back. That’s how it works at, says creator Toni Sikes: “We understand that we’re asking individuals to make a big leap of faith when they’re buying art online. We desire everybody to feel comfy returning it for any factor.”

4. View the image of the art work at high resolution.

No matter what the product is that you’ve fallen in love with– a painting, picture or a sculpture– always view it on a high-resolution screen and broaden all thumbnails (if possible). Know that colors on computer system screens aren’t true-to-life, however fairly close. If just thumbnails are offered, get in touch with the seller for better pictures. Many will provide them if they want to make a sale. Or even ask for a video.

It's Not Over Abstract Blue Painting on Wall
It’s Not Over Abstract Blue Painting on Wall

5. Be a bit of a Detective.

Some art websites use only juried artwork picked by art specialists; some sell anything anybody wishes to sell (eBay); and some sites are run by a single person from their home or studio (Etsy). For lower recognized websites or buying from the artist directly, you can’t always tell trustworthiness at a glimpse, so search for associations and inspect client complete satisfaction rankings. Contact the artist. Do they respond professionally and in a timely manner? This can tell you a lot!

6. Search for package deals on framing.

After you have actually discovered the art print you desire, remember about the frame. Some websites will sweeten your offer by offering minimized prices on matting and framing. Take them if they’re easier and better for your budget plan than a regional frame shop. If you want to choose mats and frames yourself– or see them face to face– merely pass on the offer.

7. Evaluate shipping charges.

If you’re buying art online, it is very important to take into consideration whatever from how it’s protected and packaged, to shipment time and insurance coverage for damages. Great sellers will provide alternatives to safeguard your piece for the journey to your house.

Know the shipping source, courier, tracking info and date sent to be sure to be available when your art arrives. You don’t want it sitting out waiting for you. Make sure you can be home to sign for it or have it delivered to your office.


Celebrity Art Collectors

Many celebrities are known for being famous in their fields, whether it be in music or in theater or in the movie industry. But little do people know that some celebrities are also art collectors, each with different interests and different styles. Here are some celebrities who have collected art over the past few years:


  1. Pharrell Williams


In Miami, Pharrell William’s penthouse is well known for housing a massive art collection that contains contemporary art from sculptors and painters such as KAWS and Takashi Murakami. Williams also owns works by Keith Haring and Daniel Arsham


  1. Leonardo DiCaprio


Leonardo DiCaprio is not only one of the best actors on screen, but also an avid art collector, often attending art fairs around New York and Miami. DiCaprio has a collection of Jean-Michel Basquiat, Todd Schorr, Mark Ryden, and many more. The current collection that DiCaprio houses contains Salvador Dali as well as Takashi Murakami.


  1. Jay-Z and Beyonce


Artists themselves in the music industry, Jay-Z and Beyonce are both very avid art collectors as well, with Beyonce influencing Jay-Z to collect art. The couple owns pieces by Andy Warhol, David Hammons, George Condo, Ed Ruscha, and many more. This collection is not only expensive, but contains a lot of flair and flashy characteristics. The most common place that they have gone to for art collecting is the Art Basel Miami.


  1. Tobey Maguire


Along with being the actor for the Spiderman movies, Tobey Maguire also has a passion for the arts, mainly been seen at the Art Basel Miami as well as the New York Armory Show. He has also been sighted in numerous auctions bidding for art masterpieces. In 2007, Maguire purchased a painting from artist Kaz Oshiro and also Mark Rylen’s drawing of “Tincture”.


  1. Chris Martin


The lead singer for the group Coldplay also has a unique art collection of his own. His most recent one was won between a bidding war with him and Charlize Theron, eventually winning out the painting “Red Balloon” by Banksy, a well known graffiti artist.


  1. Swizz Beatz


Swizz Beatz, artist and artist collector, has bought some remarkable pieces from well known painters such as Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, Basquiat, Swoon, KAWS, Takashi Murakami, and Cecily Brown. Basquiat’s art works first influenced him to start collecting art and from then on his collection has expanded.


  1. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie


The power couple on screen is known by many for spending millions on pieces of art. Brad Pitt has an art collection that is worth almost 18 million euros, purchasing pieces from artists such as Neo Rauch, Yayoi Kusama, Marcel Dzama, and Banksy. His main interest is in Art Deco furniture, along with contemporary art and design.


  1. David and Victoria Beckham


The soccer star and the model both are known for loving fashion as well as arts, gathering an impressive art collection that is revolved around the theme of love, including works from artists such as Sam Taylor Wood, Tracey Emin, Banksy, and Damien Hirst.

abstract art

Start your own art collection with affordable art direct from artist


Abstract art app

Creative freedom, one of the best reasons abstractors create what they do. Abstraction indicates a departure from reality. Given that abstract art is not necessarily an accurate illustration of the subject the painter has the independence to be as creative with the photo editing process as he finds good. The second motive is to play and try out with photo editing apps.


Another good justification to do this is to train your photographic eye. Even though an abstract image may appear to be completely jumbled, a good abstract give emphasis to composition. Producing abstracts guides the eye to become aware of characters, lines, colors and models. Working with an assortment of photo editing apps to renovate iPhone photos has instilled a broad awareness and enables one to subdue any fears of learning new apps.



Visualator is an art iPhone and an iPad app creator that permits a person to craft splendid intellectual imagery. The program will make it possible for the user to interact with colour, shape, and form to come up with vivacious collages, which can then be integrated into one’s design work.



Motivated by Cubist work, James Alliban fashioned Fracture, an iPhone app that permits the device user to paint cubist elegance portraits using his/her own photographs. While using Fracture, the user can select up to six photographs from the camera collection and produce new images with them. Various choices comprise the capability to adjust colour, distort the content and fine-tune outlines.



The software is hard work of an Austrian painter Lia. Sum05 invites the user to intermingle with the selected device. Requiring no training, the user simply needs to slant, shake and tap to produce random colours, transpose curves and more.



The software work by James Alliban, helps produce art in an Augmented Realism situation. This unrestricted iPhone app permits the user to create a virtual statuette by speaking, hooting or gusting into the device’s audio speaker. The program has multiple 3D shapes, colour palettes and settings, all of which can be combined to create a boundless library of edifices.



Asdfbmp is a pixel art producer app for both the iPod and iPhone Touch. A devotee of patterns, the suite was fashioned by abstract artist Kim Asendorf. He produces a multifaceted pixel image by using distinct algorithms that ends in the fields.

David Bowie Original Art


The introduction album

At the age of 15, in 1962 Bowie formed his first band. Playing guitar-based rock and roll at local youngsters’ jamboree and social events, the Konrads had a shifting arrangement of between four and eight performers, among them, the Underwood. When Bowie left the technical school in 1963, he let his parents know about his objective to be a pop star.


Space Oddity to Hunky Dory

Bowie met up artiste Lindsay Kemp in 1967 and joined in his dance class at the London Dance Centre. In 1972, he commented that meeting Kemp was when his curiosity in the art actually flourished. Learning the impressive arts under Kemp, from ultra-modern theatre and act out to comedy dell’arte,

Ziggy Stardust (1972-1973)

Dressed in conspicuous attire, his hair decorated reddish-brown, Bowie started on his Ziggy Stardust stage show with Mars Spiders Ronson, Bolder and Woodmansey 1972. With satisfaction, arose ruthless personal technical hitches. Acting the same position over a prolonged period, it became impracticable for him to disconnect Ziggy Stardust—and, in a while, the Thin White Duke—from his own personality behind the scenes.


Thin White Duke, Soul and temper

Bowie moved to the America in 1974. He resided in New York City then in Los Angeles. Diamond Dogs of 1974 were the result of two distinctive ideas, that is, a musical based on a wild future in a post-apocalyptic city, and setting George Orwell’s 1984 to music. The album emerged first position in the United Kingdom, spawning the hits Rebel Rebel and Diamond Dogs, and number five in the United States.


Berlin period

In 1976, Bowie took a trip to Switzerland. He acquired a holiday home in the hills to the north of Lake Geneva. In the new surroundings, he reduced cocaine use and found time for other endeavours beyond his musical career. He dedicated a big fraction of time to painting, and produced a number of post-modernist pieces. While on tour, Bowie started drawing in a notebook, and take pictures of scenes for afterwards orientation.


New Romantic and pop period

Super Creeps and Scary Monsters of 1980, produced the number one hit Ashes to Ashes. It featured the textural work of guitar-synthesist chuck Hummer and retreating the character of Major Tom from Space Oddity. The song gave global disclosure to the underground New Romantic movement when Bowie toured the London club Blitz.








abstract art
My Heart Melted

Original abstract art painting
30″ x 30″
Acrylic on stretched canvas


It's Not Over Abstract Blue Painting on Wall
It’s Not Over Abstract Blue Painting on Wall

KR Moehr, Tucson-based artist creates original abstract art
landscapes, expressive artwork and more.
PACIFICA by kr moehr
PACIFICA by kr Moehr

Tucson Art Gallery Online

See her work at: – kr Moehr


I am an artist living in Tucson, Arizona. Originally from Michigan where I spent many happy hours roaming through the DIA and marveling at masterpieces, I earned a B.A. in Communications. I also lived in Portland, OR for several years during which I first picked up a paintbrush to record a particularly lovely watercolor sunset. I was hooked.

After working to learn and hone my artistic skills, I now paint mostly in the abstract expressionist style and enjoy working with highly textured art. My medium of choice is acrylics. As an abstract artist, my only wish for my art is art to convey a feeling, personalized for each viewer. As such, I focus on the “face time” each viewer spends with the art, hoping to create a pleasant moment from the first glance. My work can be found at